Welcome to SQLISP.net
We are a specialist internet service provider delivering private cloud services to a select number of demanding clients.

Private clouds deliver all the benefits of internally hosted servers plus backup systems, but with the physical location elsewhere and funded separately.
In general, servers are now best used as virtual servers, because your system can be replicated and made resilient with relative ease. In addition, your secured and protected server is off-site, somewhere safe, physically protected by professionals, and only available to administrators with adequate permissions to access the system.

We replicate your server every 15 minutes and keep it safe no matter what systems you operate on it. We back it up every week, and keep it safe for six months. 

Generally, we provide servers that are replicated automatically so that they never go down - as far as the user is concerned. Plus we take database backups as often as you require. We provide a guaranteed response time of less than 15 minutes 24x7.

Our servers host many sites of small to medium sized business based in the UK.
specialise in Microsoft host technology and Operational Microsoft and Ubuntu servers. 

We own and operate all our own equipment, and base it at our category 3 server farm Normally, we offer a 99.99% office hours up-time guarantee. We are based in High Wycombe, and our main server farm is in Reading.